Porter’s True Grit Hand & Body Scrub

Porter’s True Grit Hand & Body Scrub is an all organic soap that can be used as a skin care for men, and for the whole family. Unlike other men soap, this hand scrub is vegetable-based with anti-inflammatory, emollient properties of witch hazel, rosemary leaf oil, and jojoba oil. Using this natural foot scrub will leave your feet soft and supple. This scrub is also infused with Camphor which has a mild anesthetic action and a sensation of coolness when topically applied. It’s Glycerin content from the vegetable extracts act as a humectant or hydrating agent and draws water from the dermis to the outer layers of skin. The rosemary oil adds fragrance and soothing effects on the skin and at the same time acts as an astringent and increases blood flow in the body. Porter’s skin care products for men have been a proven formula since 1915. Regular users know how Porter’s have an uncanny ability to re-hydrate dry skin without leaving residue or oiliness. Until today, Porters is committed to its legacy in providing you with the best skin care products at reasonable prices.
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