Second Mortgage vs Home Equity – Facts You Should Know!

IntroductionIt’s amazing how many people get confused between a second mortgage and a home equity loan. For all intents and purposes they are one and the same.The amount that can be borrowed on a second mortgage is based on the difference between your home’s current value and the outstanding principal balance on your first mortgage – this is known as your ‘equity’ – starting to sound familiar? Additionally in the U.S. the interest paid on a second mortgage is normally tax deductible.So why the confusion? Well, its the ‘amount’ that the loan is taken out for. The main difference is that a home equity loan can also be used like a line of credit. You can borrow as much or as little as you want up to the agreed amount between you and the lender. The second mortgage on the other hand, is for an agreed amount at the outset.
Second Mortgage and Home Equity FactsA major similarity between a second mortgage and a home equity loan is the necessity for a good credit standing. The reason is that a second mortgage and/or a home equity loan results on a second lien over the property. This means that if you default on your first mortgage the first lender can foreclose and the ‘balance’ of the sale proceeds is paid to the second lien holder – in other words the ‘credit risk’ is higher. Depending on the circumstances properties can have more than two mortgages.To make matters even more confusing second mortgages are also commonly referred to as home equity line of credit, home improvement loan and debt consolidation loans!One key fact that is often overlooked is that second mortgages/home equity loans qualify for tax relief. This is both good and bad. The tax relief can prompt home owners to borrow more than they would previously have – so it’s not necessarily prudent. In addition in a market where house prices are falling this is usually accompanied by a recession and higher risk of unemployment can leave home owners exposed to foreclosure.You also don’t have to borrow the entire amount of equity in the home, if you only need $10,000, and you have $50,000 in equity available then you still have ‘reserve of $40,000’ that you will not pay interest on.So what can a home equity loan be used for?Well, that’s up to the borrower. Think of it like this – if you already have two good cars and you’d like another spare one – even if there are only two drivers – this may not be the ‘most sensible’ use of the money. However if you’re looking at consolidating some expensive credit and then paying off the balance of the home equity quickly that is a better use of your resources!RepaymentA second mortgage can release cash to reduce or eliminate high payments on the non-mortgage debt and with the increase in tax savings can reduce your monthly payment of debt. However these savings can be offset by a higher mortgage insurance premium (reflecting the perceived increased risk to the lender) and a smaller reduction in debt over the duration of the loan. The secret to successfully taking out a second mortgage is to ‘over pay’ if you can!There are plenty of repayment options available to the borrower including interest only payments and annual payments. One note of caution, though, if the borrower is looking at relocation in the near future then pre payment charges will bury any savings – so think of this as much longer term to get the most benefit.ConclusionThe key issue in getting a second mortgage is the amount of equity you have in your home. A second mortgage is a secured loan which means that this should be an easier loan to get, as long as the borrowers credit score is good. A real bonus is that the interest paid on a second mortgage is in most cases tax deductible. A second mortgage can be a good solution for obtaining funds for school tuition, home repairs and renovations, however it’s important to remember that a second mortgage is based on your home’s equity and you are putting your home up as collateral. So if something goes wrong – you lose your home and you only have to read in the Press that it does happen!So a second mortgage vs home equity loan really depends on how much you want to borrow, what for and whether you want it all at once or as in a line of credit! The decision is Yours!


Halo Automotive Icis Blue LED 194 Bulb – Twin Pack

Halo Icis Blue LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) have an estimated life span of 100,000 hours. Utilizing the latest in LED technology Halo Icis Blue LED’s provide a deep blue color unattainable from any other lighting technology. Halo LED Bulbs use a super LED chip that provides 300 percentage more light than a standard LED chip. Halo LED’s use a fraction of the energy that a halogen bulb uses while providing brighter, more efficient and longer lasting light.
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2004 Yamaha YZF 600 Fuse Box Or Junction Box

2004 Yamaha YZF 600 Fuse Box Or Junction Box

The Fuse or Junction Box contains the fuses for the motorcycle, distributing current to the various motorcycle sub-systems, while providing overload protection for each circuit. The Condition of this part is Used.

All used Fuse/Junction Boxes are thoroughly tested before they are placed in inventory. The part will be undamaged, plugs and electrical connections will be clean.

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Porter’s True Grit Hand & Body Scrub

Porter’s True Grit Hand & Body Scrub is an all organic soap that can be used as a skin care for men, and for the whole family. Unlike other men soap, this hand scrub is vegetable-based with anti-inflammatory, emollient properties of witch hazel, rosemary leaf oil, and jojoba oil. Using this natural foot scrub will leave your feet soft and supple. This scrub is also infused with Camphor which has a mild anesthetic action and a sensation of coolness when topically applied. It’s Glycerin content from the vegetable extracts act as a humectant or hydrating agent and draws water from the dermis to the outer layers of skin. The rosemary oil adds fragrance and soothing effects on the skin and at the same time acts as an astringent and increases blood flow in the body. Porter’s skin care products for men have been a proven formula since 1915. Regular users know how Porter’s have an uncanny ability to re-hydrate dry skin without leaving residue or oiliness. Until today, Porters is committed to its legacy in providing you with the best skin care products at reasonable prices.
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Top 2009 Personal Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Tasks

The World Wide Web is not just about fun, movies, music and entertainment. It is also a medium where commercial transactions and interactions take place without any physical, national or geographical restrictions. Among these interactions, there are certain popular outsourcing tasks that take place there regularly in the business arena.
In order to free up time and make the most of other people’s skills, many people round the world hire or outsource many of their tasks and workload to personal or virtual assistants. Among the top tasks reported in 2009 by Moving Ahead Communications and the Ohio Help Group, two outsource companies based in Central Ohio, USA, that team up for project work worldwide, are:o Creating content for personal and company websiteso Creating press releases to ensure there is buzzo Submitting articles and press releases to various directories and other channelso Creating classified ads and setting up blogsThe idea behind appointing a virtual assistant is generally to delegate these tasks aimed at bringing more people to websites, converting the visitors into customers.
More popular tasks for which virtual assistants are appointed are described below:a. Creating private label rights (PLR) articles, reports, ebooks, blog posts and other content that can be used for all types of promotions, online and off.b. Marketing the content prepared for clients by tapping into blog networks, article directories, press release sites, and other places.c. Preparing online classified ads to ensure maximum visibility.d. Setting up an informative and content rich blog and ensuring constant addition of information that clients, current as well as prospective, and other website visitors can use.e. Moving from the virtual world to the real world by printing books and other content for traditional print media services.f. Participating in social networking activities aimed at different target audiences and providing a variety of services to publicize virtual ventures, helping ensures that blogs, articles and other web content get maximum exposure.g. Running auctions at websites like eBay.h. Constantly upgrading and refining web content to ensure websites don’t become obsolete.i. Making use of services like Yahoo Answers and Craiglist to spread the word with special emphasis being given on ensuring total compliance with the rules and regulations of the sites.j. Performing assorted secretarial and administrative tasks like list building, appointment setting, invoicing, working help desks and receiving orders.k.Revising traditional marketing material and bringing it up to date new virtual ventures.These and other tasks help enhance the value and visibility of businesses of all sizes when virtual assistants are well chosen and put to use. And this touches on two important points in itself.Two Sides to Task WorkToo many tasks can distract business owners / operators from the actual process of running of the business. In a nutshell, virtual assistants need to be hired, good ones. But many are not up to the mark or are not hired on to help.
In short, too many entrepreneurs try to do it all, often losing valuable productive hours going through each and every chore themselves, or fixing mistakes and errors committed by unskilled assistants offering mediocre service. These issues need addressed.Never compromise on quality service. Train your workers, guiding assistants through rough spots, and grow together. And don’t let tasks take over your business, your life, your desktop. Hire helpers and put them to work!

An Overview of Web Services

Web Services (WS) are business logic components which provide functionality via the Internet using standard protocols such as HTTP. It can convert your application into a Web-application, which can publish its function or message to the rest of the world. I.e. WS describes a standardized way of integrating Web-based applications using the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards over an Internet protocol backbone.Thus it is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network.WS uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) in order to expose the business functionality. SOAP defines a standardized format in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) which can be exchanged between two entities over standard protocols such as HTTP. SOAP is platform independent so the consumer of a Web Service is therefore completely shielded from any implementation details about the platform exposing the Web Service. For the consumer it is simply a black box of send and receive XML over HTTP. So any web service hosted on windows can also be consumed by UNIX and LINUX platform.Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)SOAP is an XML-based protocol that enables software components and applications to communicate with one another. It defines rules to translate application and platform-specific data into the XML format. SOAP allows you to communicate with the Web Service using protocols such as HTTP and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SOAP has three main sections:-Envelope: Contains elements such as the header and body of the SOAP messaging structure. It also includes an encoding Style attribute that specifies the representation of data in messages.Header: Encapsulates extended messages without adding or modifying the standard message flow.Body: Contains Web application-specific data. It defines the purpose of sending the message. The body element should be the first element under the envelope element if there is no header element.Web Services Description Language (WSDL)WSDL is an XML-based file that describes a Web service. A WSDL document describes the methods provided by a Web service and the input, output, and connection parameters. Web service definitions can be mapped to any implementation language, platform, object model, or messaging system. Simple extensions to existing Internet infrastructure can implement WS for interaction via browsers or directly within an application. The application could be implemented using COM, JMS, CORBA, COBOL, or any number of proprietary integration solutions.Universal Description, Discovery and Integration(UDDI)UDDI is an industry standard that is used to locate WS on the Internet. It is an XML-based registry that enables enterprises to list their WS on the Internet. UDDI enables organizations to perform secure online transactions. The UDDI company registry contains a comprehensive list of available WS and provides links to discovery documents of WS. These discovery documents, called DISCO files, contain links to WSDL documents.Web services do not provide the user with a GUI. WS share business logic, data and processes through a programmatic interface across a network. Developers can then add the Web service to a GUI (such as a Web page or an executable program) to offer specific functionality to users. WS do not require the use of browsers or HTML.Web services allow different applications from different sources to communicate with each other without time-consuming custom coding, and because all communication is in XML, WS are not tied to any one operating system or programming language. For example, Java can talk with Perl, Windows applications can talk with UNIX applications.Advantages & Disadvantages of WS

Interoperability – This is the most important benefit of WS. WS typically work outside of private networks, offering developers a non-proprietary route to their solutions. WS also let developers use their preferred programming languages. WS are virtually platform-independent.
Usability – WS allow the business logic of many different systems to be exposed over the Web.
Reusability – WS provide not a component-based model of application development, but the closest thing possible to zero-coding deployment of such services. This makes it easy to reuse WS components as appropriate in other services.
Deployability – WS are deployed over standard Internet technologies. This makes it possible to deploy WS even over the fire wall to servers running on the Internet on the other side of the globe.

The problem with HTTP and HTTPS when it comes to WS is that these protocols are “stateless”-the interaction between the server and client is typically brief and when there is no data being exchanged, the server and client have no knowledge of each other. More specifically, if a client makes a request to the server, receives some information, and then immediately crashes due to a power outage, the server never knows that the client is no longer active. The server needs a way to keep track of what a client is doing and also to determine when a client is no longer active.

Chemex Bonded Unbleached Pre-folded Square Coffee Filters, 100 Count

Enjoy a freshly made cup of coffee from your Chemex coffee maker with this set of 100 Chemex bonded unbleached pre-folded square filters. Made from durable paper, Chemex filters are 20-30% heavier than competitive brands. The formulation of the filter permits the proper infusion time by regulating the filtration rate so that it’s not too slow and not too fast. Good infusion of the coffee grounds gives coffee a richer flavor, while at the same time making possible precise fractional extraction filtering out the undesirable components that make coffee bitter by allowing only the desirable flavor elements of the coffee bean to pass through. These filters provide uniform extraction since the water filters through all the grounds on its way to the apex of the cone. Guaranteed not to burst under the weight of the liquid during filtration, and not to break when lifting out the grounds, these filters are disposable and convenient. Designed to fit all Chemex coffee makers except CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH, this set of 100 Chemex bonded unbleached pre-folded square filters is the perfect addition to your Chemex coffee maker.

100 count, Fits all Chemex coffee makers except CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH
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Casabella Loop Long Dish Brush,Color may vary

Casabella Loop Long Dish Brush is designed to clean dishes, pots and pans with ease. Rigid, sturdy polypropylene handle with durable nylon bristles. Scraper tip cleans tough spots, hanging loop for storage. Comfortable ergonomic handle for easy use; For dishes, pots and pans. 9-1/4-Inch long. Casabella cleaning tools, kitchen and bath accessories and organizing products have received numerous design awards and industry recognition for beautiful design and high quality workmanship.
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Craig Frames 276BK 12 by 16-Inch Picture Frame, Wood Grain Finish, 1.5-Inch Wide, Black

This brand new picture frame is manufactured in the USA at our facility in Ithaca, Michigan using the best materials and tools available. Please review the product listing details of the frame selection you have made. Our picture frames SMALLER than 12×18 inches (inside dimensions) are carefully and completely assembled with GLASS facing and a durable backing with two machine-cut, low profile wall hangers for both horizontal and vertical hanging. Our picture frames will compliment any space that you hang them in, they make great gifts and they will protect and display your photographs and artwork for years to come. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to visit our storefront and seller info pages to browse our extensive selection of frames, read customer feedback or review our policies and contact info. At the end of the day we want you to be completely happy with your purchase. Be sure to add us to your list of favorites so you can easily find us the next time you need a quality picture frame. Thank you for shopping with us. We are Craig Frames and we are framing the world…one customer at a time.
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